A Year Ago Today… 

A year ago today we received the first photo of our little fella.  What a little sweetheart! (He’s still a little sweetheart)   It was really hard to watch him grow up in photos.   We’re so glad that he’s here with us now.  He’s home.    


And  yes! He does like hip hop! (Any music actually. This guy loves to dance!)

Rewind: The Long Flight Home

We knew this was going to be tough.  It was!  Theo was great at the check-in desk, customs and waiting at the gate.  As soon as he had to sit down and wear a seatbelt, he changed his tune! Our little fella is an active guy.  Being strapped into chairs and seats (or tethered to me in this case)  is not his favourite thing and he let us all know it!  He make be small, but that kid has some lungs! Sang and I kept thinking, “yep, now we’re THOSE people on the flight!”

Once the plane was in motion, Theo did much better, he wasn’t even bothered by take off as we had anticipated. The first flight to Hong Kong was only a couple hours long.  The next one would be the really tough one! 

We thought we’d have some cute pictures of “baby’s first flight” etc…nope.  We were in full parenting mode.   We spent almost the entire duration of the flight comforting the poor little guy, cleaning up messes and trying to relieve each other so that we could squeeze in at least a little sleep (we didn’t). Theo had a really hard time.  Way to much sitting. There were several patches of turbulence which meant a lot of time with the “seatbelt”sign on and not many opportunities for aisle walking.  He finally a slept a little, he enjoyed sharing our meals amd playing with some of the distractions that we brought along with us (thanks for all the tips travel parents!) 

What kept us going was knowing that the little fella was finally with us and that we were finally bringing him home.  We’ve been dreaming of this for so long. 


Homeward bound! 


A delay in HK

Rewind: Our Last Day in Vietnam

Due to a scheduled street closure on our departure day that would prevent a taxi from accessing our hotel, the staff offered to move us to their other location for our last night.  We had been staying at the Somerset Chancellor Court.  For the last night, we moved to the Somerset Ho Chi Minh City.  The HCMC is more of a family resort style hotel.  As much as it may have been easier just to say put, it ended up being perfect for our last night because the new hotel has an outdoor playground on site and a poolside restaurant. We were glad to have stayed where we did for the duration but the conveniences sure we’re helpful on the last night, we didn’t have to leave the premisis, we could just keep our bags packed and rest up for the flight the next day.  Theo didn’t like this pool quite as much – family resort means lots of kids, he’d grown used to having a nice calm swimming pool all to himself (I’m not sure how to break it to him that we don’t have a private lap pool at home).

Theo adjusted well to being in different space as well -we took this as a good sign, he’s got some pretty big changes ahead!

Excited about travel day, once again Theo slept like a log and the grown ups didn’t sleep a wink!

packed and ready!


our new view

somebody loves the swing!!!

A Day at the Botanical Gardens and Zoo

We are just a few blocks away from the Saigon Botanical Gardens and Zoo so we thought that it would be a nice way to spend our morning. 

From the outside of the gate, it looks like a small park. Once we were inside it seemed to go on forever!

It almost felt like traveling in time. The zoo part looked like the kind of zoo we are used to seeing in story books and cartoons.  The monkey cage was straight out of Curious George (and the monkeys kept climbing out if it). There were amusements which included bumper cars and a roller rink!  There were independent vendors selling greens to feed the animals, bubbles and balloons – a far cry from our “official merchandise” culture. 

For all of us, especially Theo, we had more fun people-watching than looking at the plants and animals.  It was a hot and sticky day, but that didn’t stop little girls from wearing their fanciest princess dresses!  Almost every child had a balloon and families we picnicking on every available green surface. 

There was a show with a clown doing soccer ball tricks, Theo loves music so much he was grooving around as soon as he heard it.  He cared much more about dancing to the beat than he did the show – he can see soccer ball tricks anytime, Sang is his Daddy after all!

We also learned (the hard way) that Theo can drink from a straw – he helped himself to Sang’s 7up!  (Oops!)






Our First Few Days as a Family of Three

The last few days have gone by in a flash. It’s one of those circumstances where time goes quickly, yet we feel like we’ve been together forever.  

Theo is doing really well.  We’re adjusting to our new routines, adding new ones (like our daily afternoon swim). 
Sang has mastered the art of congee making and Theo loves it!   When Theo is looking for his daddy, the first place he checks in the kitchen (hmm no one ever looks for ME there). In general he’s a great eater.  He tries and likes all the things we give him. We went out for dinner one night and he wanted to taste everything  we were eating.  Spring rolls and vermicelli were a hit! 
We got a hand-me-down high chair from Laurie and Georgia. It has revolutionized meal times. Now we can enjoy meals all together at the table and Theo loves to try to feed himself. 
On our first couple of days together, Theo didn’t like the bath. He wasn’t used to it.  We took him swimming and he LOVED it.  We go every day now. The hotel has a beautiful pool.  Once he decided he likes to swim, he’s also come around on bath-time. He’s turned into a real water baby. 
On a typical day we start with breakfast (and ice coffees for the grown ups) go on an outing – either an errand we have to run for Theo’s paperwork or, on our days off, we explore the city and then home lunch.  After lunch we all nap and then head down to the pool for a swim.  There’s also an indoor playground which is a great place for a little guy to blow off some stream!  
We usually have dinner at home. On the recommendation of other adoptive families, Sang and I have discovered Vietnammm food delivery service. We’ve also tried bringing Theo out to restaurants (the first time was great, the second time he got a little too squirmy).  
We’re loving Vietnam, loving being parents and loving little Theo. It’s fascinating to see how much he has learned and accomplished in such a short time. And he’s sooo cute.  We love to listen to his little sounds, we love his smile and his sense of humour and we love his Fred Flintstone feet on that tiny body of his. We’re smitten. 
I’ll let the pictures do the talking: 

caution! there have been sightings of a sea monster at the pool!


water baby!


poolside with daddy


our first meal at a restaurant


sleepy in Siagon


do not disturb (hotel baby)


loves his daddy (and loves toast)


its so cute, he drinks water lije a baby goat


so determined to make this elephant go!



Adoption Day!  

April 14

Today it all became official! Theo is part of our family!  

After a sticky wait in an office, we had our ceremony. We signed the official papers, wrote our names in the adoption registry and posed for our official photos with the registrar and a representative of the orphanage. 

Immediately following the ceremony,  made another stop to another hot and sticky office to start processing Theo’s Vietnamese  passport. 

Theo was so patient and such a good boy the whole time. 

We are so excited to be an official family. Three peas in a pod. It’s a great feeling.